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Thoughts Of A Lonely Man

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album The Lonesome in Me (1970).

Tonight when I get through at work I'll just head straight on home
I'll fix a bite and try to eat then I'll pick up the phone
I'll try to find out where she went I must know how she's been
That's the thoughts of a lonely lonely man

The mind of a lonely man when he's alone like me
All day it counts mistakes he's made all night it counts bad dreams
I meant to treat my darlin' right somehow I failed my plans
That's the thoughts of a lonely lonely man

Tomorrow I'll wake up at six I'll rise without a groan
Punch in at work by eight o'clock just like there's nothin' wrong
If I work hard enough maybe the work will help me stand
All these thoughts of a lonely lonely man

My beggin' her might not be smart but it makes sense to me
Bein' smart won't help me much if she don't come back to me
Oh what I'd give to see her face or touch her gentle hand
That's the thoughts of a lonely lonely man
That's the thoughts of this lonely lonely man


Written by:

Stonewall Jackson

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