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Story Of Jesus

This song is by Stompin' Tom Connors and appears on the album Merry Christmas Everybody (1970).

In a land so far away, so long ago,
Lived a boy with his parents, meek and low.
By miraculous birth, he came to this Earth,
The saviour of this wicked world of woe.

Now his mother was a pure and shining dove,
And Joseph showed the boy his tender love.
For an angel of light, had apperaed on that night,
Proclaiming him the son of God above.

Now the first of many wonders to behold,
Was when Mary couldn't find her twelve year old.
In the temple he was found, teaching wise men all around,
As they marvelled at the wisdom that he told.

Now at thirty, as he went to be baptised,
The mighty voice of God came from the skies.
"That's my son upon his knees, in whom I am well pleased",
Then John the Baptist bid the man to rise.

Soon the people from both near and far away,
Came to hear the precious words he had to say.
And when thousands wanted food, he fed the multitude,
With five loaves and seven fishes on that day.

Now he brought the dead to life in Galilee,
Where the deaf could hear, and all the blind could see.
And when all the dumb could talk, he taught the lame to walk,
Saying "Now pick up your cross and follow me".

Now it wasn't long before the final test,
Betrayed by one of twelve he loved the best.
And for thirty pence of gold, the Son of God was sold,
And upon the the cross they put this man to death.

As he died, he told the world they shouldn't grieve
And he later showed them why they should believe.
For he died to save our sins, and came back to life again,
And we think about him every Christmas Eve.

And we think of Jesus every Christmas Eve.

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