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I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You Are)

This song is by Stiv Bators and appears on the album Disconnected (1980).

(Bators - Secich)
Your lies and deceiving diplomats
Can't reach me where I'm hiding at
You'll find you have no powers over me
I'm in a place where no one's been
It's free of greed and all your sin
And weapons that are lying to your mirror
I wanna forget you just the way you are
So I won't be lonely here without you near
('Cause I can't afford your tears)
Late night high rise blocks of cold
With burgess growing gracefully old
TV patterns glow where I must go
Dark creaking floorboards changing walls
The corpse sharing sheets that leaves in morn
I'm shaking in the chill of t.o. noon
The silent subway's rubber grin
Laughs at the poise 'n' arrow change I'm in
You're starting finally drive me sane
The oriental shopkeep waves
From glen road to a better grave
Returning to the stance you loved me for

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