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This song is by Sting and Shaggy and appears on the album 44/876 (2018).

Straight from Jamdung to London
Raggamuffin weh wi say (hey)
Style a style an a pattan a pattan
Didi-donia (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Shaggy and Sting inna combination

Wake up to sunshine inna di morning
What a beautiful feeling
Mi hear the birds, dem singing
Way up inna the tree limb

Mi get a call from the English man
Say him waan come hold a vibes
Him waan run, left the cold
Fi ketch some island life

44 to 876, at the drop of a dime
Link up anytime
44 to 876, call the airline
Fly out anytime

I'm trying to free my mind and live a life stress-free
But the politics of this country are getting to me
I have a dream that I'm swimming in the Caribbean Sea
And then my good friend Shaggy says, "Come spend some time, family"

I hear reggae music that's playing in the street
With maximum bass at all frequencies
It shakes me to my soul with a positive vibration
I start dreaming of Jamaica and the Caribbean nation

44 to 876
44 to 876

Yeah, from the 44 go a 876
Dat a Kingston town go a London
Big up di UK man, dem bam bam bam bam
Welcome to Jamrock sand

Fly, come a yard fi di island breeze
Pretty girl walk pon di white sand beach
Try please, stay so a rice and peas
876 put yuh mind at ease

I hear reggae music, it carries me away
And the ghost of Bob Marley that haunts me to this day
There's a spiritual truth in the words of his song
And the Caribbean nation to which they belong

44 to 876
44 to 876
44 to 876
44 to 876

From di UK, yea, to the shores a Kingston, a so it go
More than heritage, rockers
Didi-donia (yeah Shaggy)
Yeah Sting (yeah hey)

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