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Old English 800

This song is by Still Life and appears on the album Madness And The Gackle... (1998).

It came without warning, something I thought wasn't real
These nails in my coffin, a boy who knows not how to feel
Yes love was a stranger, stranger that words can explain
A dry well my emotions, tears with no pity no shame
But I saw the clouds break before my eyes, and drank in the beauty of a clear sky
Can I help you find a genuine smile
Can I protect you, take bullets lay down myself
Spent my life searching for something I found in your eyes
All my life waiting, tangled within my own lies
Patiently wait, you get nothing for nothing
That's all I ever gave, can I give you something that will keep you safe
Is this something more than what you've thrown away
I've never felt like this
I hear songs in your laughter, epics of sorrow and pain
I kissed you while you slumbered, and kissed your check while it rained
Stared into your sad eyes cursing the dawn when it came
Your love has released me from all of my shame
And if ever you need me I'll never be too far away
I want you to believe me, I mean every word that I say
You introduced me to wonder, I wonder if you feel the same
Your love has released me from all of my pain
It's like flowers in spring time, rainbows after a rain
Each smile that you lend me, erases more pain
It came without warning, I thought it could never be mine
I finally found it, a love that will last for all

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