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Santa Claus And Superman

This song is by Stickshift Rocketship.

Mistletoe in rows

But I don't give a damn

Unless you feed me wine

And try to have some semblance of a good time.

Try to crack a smile

Even if it hurts

And hang around a while

To watch the snowflakes gather in the dirt.

Well I wouldn't trade away

All the merry mistletoe

In Granny's Christmas Dickens show

Way before the war.

And Santa Claus and Superman

Ran away to Disneyland

In all the aggravation,

Everyone forgot

To pray for all the sweet things

Your money never bought you on a good day.

Well gather up your things

And bustle down the lighted streets

Say "Hi!" to all the eyes we meet.

Go to midnight mass

And act as if we go there all the time.

Dandelions won't ever grow

Here inside our melancholy

Ha-holiday show.

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