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Album by Steve Winwood.
Disc One
  1. Dimples by The Spencer Davis Group
  2. I Can't Stand It by The Spencer Davis Group
  3. Every Little Bit Hurts by The Spencer Davis Group
  4. Strong Love by The Spencer Davis Group
  5. Keep on Running by The Spencer Davis Group
  6. Somebody Help Me by The Spencer Davis Group
  7. When I Come Home by The Spencer Davis Group
  8. I Want to Know by Eric Clapton And The Powerhouse
  9. Crossroads by Eric Clapton And The Powerhouse
  10. Gimme Some Lovin' by The Spencer Davis Group
  11. I'm a Man by The Spencer Davis Group
  12. Paper Sun by Traffic
  13. Dealer by Traffic
  14. Coloured Rain by Traffic
  15. No Face, No Name, No Number by Traffic
  16. Heaven Is in Your Mind by Traffic
Disc Two
  1. Smiling Phases by Traffic
  2. Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic
  3. Pearly Queen by Traffic
  4. Forty Thousand Headmen by Traffic
  5. No Time to Live by Traffic
  6. Shanghai Noodle Factory by Traffic
  7. Medicated Goo by Traffic
  8. Withering Tree by Traffic
  9. Had to Cry Today by Blind Faith
  10. Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith
  11. Sea of Joy by Blind Faith
  12. Sleeping in the Ground by Blind Faith
  13. Under My Thumb by Blind Faith
  14. Stranger to Himself by Traffic
  15. John Barleycorn by Traffic
  16. Glad by Traffic
Disc Three
  1. Freedom Rider by Traffic
  2. Empty Pages by Traffic
  3. The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys by Traffic
  4. Rainmaker by Traffic
  5. Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory by Traffic
  6. (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired by Traffic
  7. Happy Vibes (featuring Remi Kabaka and Abdul Lasisi Amao)
  8. Something New by Traffic
  9. Dream Gerrard by Traffic
  10. Walking in the Wind by Traffic
  11. When the Eagle Flies by Traffic
  12. Winner/Loser by Stomu Yamashta's Go
  13. Crossing the Line by Stomu Yamashta's Go
  14. Hold On
  15. Time Is Running Out
  16. Vacant Chair
Disc Four
  1. While You See a Chance
  2. Arc of a Diver
  3. Spanish Dancer
  4. Night Train
  5. Dust
  6. Valerie
  7. Talking Back to the Night
  8. Your Silence Is Your Song
  9. Higher Love
  10. Freedom Overspill
  11. Back in the High Life Again
  12. The Finer Things
  13. Roll with It
  14. Don't You Know What the Night Can Do?
  15. One and Only Man

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