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Steve Lawrence (1953)

Steve Lawrence - Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence

  1. Poinciana
  2. Say It Isn't True
  3. Never Leave Me
  4. Tomorrow
  5. My Shawl
  6. King for a Day
  7. Mine and Mine Alone
  8. With Every Breath I Take
  9. I Need
  10. The Night (Madalena)
  11. How Many Stars Have to Shine
  12. Tango of Roses (Love Me)

Songs by Steve Lawrence (1958)

Steve Lawrence - Songs by Steve Lawrence

Songs by Steve Lawrence

  1. Party Doll
  2. Long Before I Knew You
  3. (The Bad Donkey) Pum-Pa-Lum Long
  4. Ethel, Baby
  5. Adelaide
  6. Banana Boat Song
  7. I Can't Wait for Summer
  8. Willow
  9. Kiss Me Now (We'll Get Acquainted Later)
  10. Open up the Gates of Mercy
  11. If You Say You're Mine
  12. Fabulous

Here's Steve Lawrence (1958)

Steve Lawrence - Here's Steve Lawrence

Here's Steve Lawrence

  1. Come Rain or Shine
  2. Like Someone in Love
  3. My Romance
  4. Fräulein
  5. Sunny Side Up
  6. This Heart of Mine
  7. Makin' Whoopee
  8. Then I'll Be Tired of You
  9. If I Had You
  10. Put 'em in a Box, Tie 'em With a Ribbon (And Throw 'em in the Deep Blue Sea)

Winners! (1963)

Steve Lawrence - Winners!


  1. Cotton Fields
  2. Misty
  3. Around the World
  4. Who's Sorry Now
  5. It's Not for Me to Say
  6. Kansas City
  7. Go Away Little Girl
  8. All the Way
  9. Moon River
  10. Teach Me Tonight
  11. Lollipops and Roses
  12. Volare

Portrait of Steve (1972)

Steve Lawrence - Portrait of Steve

Portrait of Steve

  1. Medley: Aint No Sunshine You Are My Sunshine
  2. Traces
  3. Who's Sorry Now
  4. Make It Easy on Yourself
  5. The Good Life
  6. In the Still of the Night
  7. More (Theme From Mondo Cane)
  8. Oh My Love
  9. Easy Come, Easy Go
  10. The Rest of the World
  11. Love Is Here to Stay

Other Songs

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  1. I Want To Stay Here
  2. Personality
  3. Two Sleepy People
  4. Bewitched
  5. Don't Fence Me In
  6. Happy
  7. I Can't Stop Loving You
  8. I Remember It Well
  9. I've Gotta Be Me
  10. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
  11. More Than You Know
  12. Poor Little Rich Girl
  13. Portrait Of My Love (Rare)
  14. Pretty Blue Eyes
  15. Save The Last Dance For Me
  16. Somewhere Along The Way
  17. Together (Wherever We Go)
  18. Two Lost Souls
  19. Walk On By

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