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This song is by Steve Kilbey.

Max Sharp was an aquanaut
With the gills and fin
Especially bred for the oceany bed
Waterproof head and skin

Going down to the submarine town
20 fathoms deep
Whoever thought a man breathin' water
I wonder if there's trouble with the bubbles when he sleeps

Mermaids in underwater glades
Playing with electric eels
Deep sea shock of Davey Jones' Lock[er]
Rockin' from his head to his heels

One was quite a dish but she was half a fish
If only, he wished she had legs
I guess he saw her, hooked on Neptune's daughter
Now they're expecting their first eggs

Max Sharp was an aquanaut
With the fins and gills
He swims where he pleases in the seven seas
Jesus, what a thrill

But the Navy boys with the sonar noise
Sailing in the tubs of tin
Got him with torpedoes in the back of his Speedos
Holy Toledo, that was the end of him

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