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You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play

This song is by Steve Forbert and appears on the album Alive on Arrival (1978).

(Long Instrumental Intro)

I was sittin' by the road,
My head in a cloud,
Wishin' that I had some wings,
Wishin' for a scooter,
A-wishin' for a train,
Or any kinda movin' thing.

Well, I looked at the trees,
Looked at the sky,
I seen it was a lovely day.

I looked up the road,
Looked at my feet,
An' I picked it up,
And I walked away.

You cannot win,
If you do not play.
You cannot win, oh,
If you do not play.

Well, I went to the fair,
Lookin' for fun.
I think the whole world was there.
Yes, I saw a fat man,
I saw a thin man,
I saw a little, teddy bear.

Well, I said to myself,
"I know what I want.
I gotta get a lit'le bear some way."
I heard a loud voice,
It said a few words,
It said,
"You gotta take a chance and gotta play boy."

You cannot win,
If you do not play,
You cannot win, whoa now,
If you do not play.

(Instrumental Bridge)

Pretty, young Pam,
You're bringin' me down baby,
All ya just makin' me blue.

I'm under the trees,
I'm waiting alone now,
Try'na sing a song for you.

Well, the night is so clear,
The moon is so bright,
Ah, but you're wastin' it all away.

You're up on a hill,
I'm down here below,
I'm try'na tell ya babe, it ain't okay, no.

Ya cannot win,
If you do not play,
Ya cannot win,
If you do not play.
And ya cannot win...
If you do not... play...

Wo... hoo...

(Harmonica Fadeout)
(Indecipherable lyrics)
Ah, yeah...


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