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The Only Normal People

This song is by Steve Forbert and appears on the album Rock While I Can Rock: The Geffen Years (2003).

The only normal people
That you know they're doing well,
And they'll be out there eating breakfast,
At the Nelva Courts Hotel,
And they'll be off and down the highway,
In their this year's Chevrolet,
And they're just three hours north of Gulfport,
On their weekend holiday,
A little getaway, hey, hey,
For the only normal people.

The only normal people
Tell you everything's all right,
They said the sun comes up each morning,
And the stars come out at night,
And they said Kellogg still makes Corn Flakes,
And that Classic Coke is back,
And you know Reagan's in the White House,
And his hair's a natural black,
It's a natural fa... act,
Says the on... ly normal people.

The only normal people,
Drink their coffee sweet with cream,
That's as they gaze out from their easy chairs,
And color TV screens,
And as they watch the world of problems,
On their cable evening news,
You know they wonder why,
Those people choose to live the way they do,
Don't they wanta do,
Like the on... ly normal people.

The only normal people,
Do exactly as they should,
You know they never borrow money,
And their credit's always good,
You know they file their honest tax return,
A month before it's due,
And wave to all those nice policemen,
Up on Grandview Avenue,
Howdy-do to you,
Says the on... ly normal people.

The only normal people,
Never see cocaine or smack,
You know they don't smoke marijuana,
And they're miles away from crack,
And all those pills a doctor give them;
Help a sinus headache some,
You know they'll drink because it's social,
But they won't have more than one,
Sorry gotta run,
Says the on... ly normal people.

They go to church on Sunday,
With their happy, healthy son,
Who's going to run their family business,
Just as they themselves have done,
And he will live to own a golf cart,
And a backyard swimming pool,
And he won't never sleep with boys,
Or think of dropping outta school,
It wouldn't sit too cool,
With his on... ly normal people.

Ya, the only normal people,
Don't know anything about,
Your world of sleepless night and pressures;
And they never once freak out,
You know they run their lives on course,
And they keep a steady even keel,
They hear you talk about frustration,
But they don't know how it feels,
No, it isn't real,
For those on... ly normal people.

They eat their three square meals a day,
And they do their exercise at night,
And always look before they leap,
And keep their seatbelts buckled tight,
So they don't get into accidents,
And wind-up on their backs,
And they also don't get AIDS or cancer,
And they don't have heart attacks!
Can't you just relax?
Like the on... ly normal people.

I bet they're down at J. C. Penny's,
For that riding lawn mower now,
You know that one that takes attachments,
Like that ten blade, garden plow,
I bet you'll pass them down there smiling,
As you race to beat the bell,
They are the only normal people;
They're ones you don't know well,
That you don't know well,
They're the on... ly normal people.

That you don't know well...
They're the on... ly normal people,
Ya, ya, ya
That you don't know well,
They're the on... ly normal people.


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