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One Short Year Gone By

This song is by Steve Forbert.

Sailin' down my life so fast
And someone seen me zippin' past
And reachin' out they took my hand
And made a move to slow me
Speakin' words, an angel's voice
And I replied, "I got no choice
And you, you're from some other world
And babe, you just don't know me"

And it's one short year gone by
Sad, I've made her cry, sweet baby

I never meant to play that part
I never meant to even start
I was thinkin' 'bout some plans I'd made
And there she was beside me
She looked up and then we kissed
And somethin' there said "don't resist"
And that was late that summer night
I don't know why she tried me

Darlin', your sweet touch
Well, I've never shared so much
Little baby, this life's on fire
It's burnin' and screaming higher

Got to get some time alone
I'm just outside the danger zone
There's people all around me now
And I don't know what I'm thinkin'
I went down a ways from here
And kids were dancin', drinkin' beer
I was so much older there
My spirit started sinkin'

Tryna keep my life insane
And keep my mind inside the rain
And see the false securities
And understand the highway
Made a lotta stupid moves
I've always got some point to prove
I ain't exactly all that nice
I've got to do it my way

(Repeat bridge)

Steve Forbert
Welk Music (ASCAP)
Rolling Tide Music (ASCAP)

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