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Lonesome Cowboy Bill's Song

This song is by Steve Forbert.

I waited for moonlight, I waited for fall
I waited for midnight, I waited for calls
I waited for daylight, I waited for signs
I waited for love, I guess I wasted my time

So long, don't you ask me to stay
Goodbye, all you sleepytime days and nights
Down to sleepytown way
If you want me to I'll remember you ...

I stood in the street where the rain made it shine
I turned up my collar and I made up my mind
I gotta be leavin', gotta leave you today
My future alone is just a whisper away

So long, baby--I say bye, bye, now
I says so long, babe
Hey, hey goodbye, bye now...

I got to be leavin', I got to be gone
Sleepy town waiting, hung me up for too long
I got to be leavin', I can't hang around
It's bringin' me down, already down to the ground

(Repeat chorus twice)

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