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How Can You Change The World?

This song is by Steve Forbert and appears on the album Mission of the Crossroad Palms (1995).

(Instrumental Intro)

Fell in love with a greyhound
Wound up sleeping alone
Coulda chose better
But love called the shots
And now you're back on your own

Pretty dreams in the drainpipe
Electricity sky
Coulda burnt bridges
But love was the rain
And now you're angry and dry

Truly I love you
Truly I did
Where's it all run now?
Where's it all hid?
How can you change the world?

Once your love was a sweet thing
I'll not taste it again
Somebody new could do wonders for you
Find some man among men

Truly I love you
Truly with tears
No one above you
Nobody, years
How can you change the world?

Change the world
Different light
Change the world
Be all right
Change the world
Let me go
Change the world

(Instrumental Bridge)

Count the miles on the highway
San Francisco today
Moving is music and distance is time
And I've gone crazy you say

Truly I love you
Truly I do
No one above you
Maybe a few
How can you change the world?

Hey baby...

(Instrumental Outro)


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