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Album by Steve Aoki.
  1. Time Capsule (Intro)
  2. I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki) (featuring Moxie Raia)
  3. Youth Dem (Turn Up) (featuring Snoop Lion)
  4. Hysteria (featuring Matthew Koma)
  5. Darker Than Blood (featuring Linkin Park)
  6. Lightning Strikes (featuring NERVO and Tony Junior)
  7. Tars (Interlude) (featuring Kip Thorne)
  8. Home We'll Go (Take My Hand) (with Walk off the Earth)
  9. Heaven On Earth (featuring Sherry St. Germain)
  10. Holding Up the World (featuring Linda Harrison and Albin Myers)
  11. Light Years (featuring Rivers Cuomo)
  12. Warp Speed (Outro) (featuring J.J. Abrams)

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