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4 Ever My Beat

This song is by Stetsasonic and appears on the album On Fire (2001).

My beat forever
4 Ever My Beat, 4 Ever My Beat (echoes)
4-4-4-4-4 Ever My...

4 Ever My Beat, this beat is mine forever
The tempo is slow and the rhymes are clever
Betray this beat? No, I will never, huh
It gets funky at the switch of a lever
Some beats are great, this one is greater
And some are straight, this one is straighter
So get on the floor and forget your stance
And groove to the beat that’ll make you dance

4 Ever My Beat, orchestrated as a triple A rate
Havin' all that it takes, make no mistake
Now we’re the band with the plan that rock against the fan
Hear the hoot, after scoot, from high demand
So get down, come on and bust a move
Delite, Daddy-O, and Fru are out to rule
As you serve the fun, who were second to none
So let's groove to the beat of the drum
4 Ever My Beat-a

4 Ever My
My-My-My-My-My-My beat forever
4-4-4-4 Ever My ("beat" scratched up)
My-My-My-My-My-My beat forever
4-4-4-4 Ever My
My-My-My-My-My-My beat forever


4 Ever My Beat, kinda fittin' this beat won't happen
Not even overnight cause we be slappin' the beat
Like a freak, for the rest of the week
And if you front on stet, baby doll, we make sure it seem
That you boogie to the sound of the drum
Stimulated by the sound of my voice, yeah, ya ready to go
Da na dum, and all that crap
Bring on any rhyme biter, guaran-two a rap

4 Ever My Beat, if allowed, I'd play it all year
And if the front was cold, I'd play my beat in the rear
And if the back had a crack, I use my beat like glue

And in the can like beef, I use my beat as stew
My beat is a gem, next to God and the Earth
And all the earthly treasures couldn't measure it's worth
My beats a Lamborghini, being turned as a car
And I eat it like the rich eat caviar
My beat

4 Ever My...
Beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
My beat forever
4 Ever My....

4 Ever My Beat, for the record, the jam you selected
The one we projected, erected, perfected
All the way live, yes we’re in full drive

No lie, we not a 5, we have arrived
With a Stet on the set, I sure won't forget
We're leavin' our mark, but catch T-Boy checks
So reflect on the text, check out what's next
And groove to the sound, that you is next

4 Ever My Beat, this fashion, beat got glitter
The bottom of the ninth, it's the home-run hitter
Never standin' still, it's the up and go getter
Huh, you think I'm frontin' then try to get rid of this
Beat, we'll demolish in a single day
Destroy faster than a man can say ace, deuce, trey
My beat is a death defying feat
And every ????????, it's so hard to repeat
My beat-a

4 Ever My...
My-My-My-My-My beat forever
4 Ever My...
My-My-My-My-My beat forever
My-My-My-My-My beat forever

4 Ever My Beat, when he slides up and down the scale
You would think my beats a graduate from Harvard or Yale
Slappin' other beats five on his way to the charts
Havin' radio stations do him up on the carts
Rockin' tom-toms, snares, and timbalee's too
Playin' with Batman, Snuffy, and Winnie the Pooh
I do, I catch flu, on my beats boogaloo
And I never saw my beat drop a dime on a crew

My beat for ever, with this I stand
As a maker of history, across the land
Although it's true that I'm a babe in the music den
It's a fact on wax I do set trend
My beats cut rhyme, makin' you unwind
Prince Paul is droppin' needles, we’re right on time
Wit not a trace of this pace, cause haste make waste
And the bass orchestrace is all in ya’ll face

4 Ever My Beat, sharp fimulator, hot like fire
Implurcated for my beats desire
Amplified to expand to my very last breath
For that, which is a matter of life and death
Camouflage this beat and it’ll never get blurred
Simmer dark from the beats you've heard
Blow in other state, when a rhyme regulates
It's genuine gold, so congratulate, 4 Ever My Beat-a

4 Ever My...
Beat, beat, beat, beat, beat
My beat forever
4 Ever My...
Beat, beat
My beat forever
4 Ever My...

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