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White Trash

This song is by Steriogram and appears on the album Schmack! (2004).

Well it's Saturday night.
And you now what that means.
It's time for laps that's right.
Start to rev those machines.
Well, You may think we're crazy.
Driving round and round.
But you would be this proud.
If you're sounds were this loud.
Well I got my Holden.
And I'm ready for rolling.
This car ain't stolen.
I've been savin' my dough man.
You may think I'm crazy and my brain is trashed.
But you're only saying that 'cause you ain't true white trash.

'Cause I'm white trash.
Yeah I'm real white trash.
If you wanna see white trash.
I'll show you white trash.

Well I walked out of school at twelve.
I couldn't handle those letters.
So I started my career.
Down at my Uncle's car wreckers.
You should see my new hairdo.
I dyed it jet black.
Oh well it's a short on the top.
And it's long at the back.
Well I got my belt buckle.
And I'm wearing it out.
'Cause I wanna show theladies what I'm all about.
Well my jeans come in all colours as long as it's black.
'Cause I wanna show the world that I'm true white trash.

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