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Tell Me It's All Right

This song is by Steppenwolf and appears on the album Paradox (1984).

Tell me what you've got to give me
Tell me what you've got that's free
All I want is all you got, hey
You would do the same to me

That's all I seem to hear, day in, day out
Where it not for your sweet love, I'd scream and shout

Every day's a new beginning
But every night the same old end
Will the good times really come again
Will a dollar buy a quarter
Will a quarter buy some time
Time enough to save the Five and Dime

Somebody, tell me it's all right (it's all right)
To believe that it's all over
Tell me it's o.k. (it's o.k.)
Happy days are on their way

All I ever want (to feel right)
Is the best of everything (come tomorrow)
All I ever need (it's o.k.)
Is a perfect world today

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