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This song is by Stephen Malkmus and appears on the album Wig Out At Jagbags (2014).

I can't afford to want you
Still I can't avoid your blame
You creep into my organization
A whistle to the wolves at bay

At this point, darling
I must say
That the seeds unsown
Gonna grow anyway
Rent a room
Get it over with

In a race
To the inside of your face
You're afraid
Of me
Shuffling for Xanadu

Jewels a magnet
The solitary dragnet
Looking for all I know

Well I see
You're afraid of me
Doing the jest I do (?)
You speak of arrangements baby
But you haven't got a clue
For all that I do, I know

End of the seesaw
End of the seesaw
End of the seesaw
End of the seesaw

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