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Take It Out On Me

This song is by Steely Dan and appears on the compilation album The Steely Dan Collection (2000).

Heavy hours are passing slowly
Don't believe that it's unholy
Take a chance it's what you want me for
Just once more

You know it's not a sin
For you to lock me in
And throw away the key
Take it out on me

My complexion waxing whiter
Pull the wire a little tighter
Time goes quickly when you're occupied

It's wrong to scream and cry
When there's no need to buy
What you can get for free
Take it out on me

Now you're gonna see
What you are and what I am

Cigarettes and copper tubing
Touch a nerve no longer moving
I can make your demon disappear
Back in gear

And if you fall behind
Or when your state of mind
Is not what it should be...

What you are and what I am...


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