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Charlie Freak

This song is by Steely Dan and appears…

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Charlie Freak
Charlie Freak had but one thing to call his own
Three weight ounce, pure golden ring, no precious stone
Five nights without a bite, no place to lay his head
And if nobody takes him in, he'll soon be dead

On the street he spied my face, I heard him hail
In our plot of frozen space, he told his tale
Poor man, he showed his hand, so righteous was his need
And me so wise I bought his prize for chicken feed

Newfound cash soon begs to smash a state of mind
Close inspection fast revealed his favorite kind
Poor kid, he overdid it, embraced the spreading haze
And while he sighed, his body died in fifteen ways

When I heard, I grabbed a cab to where he lay
Round his arm the plastic tag read D.O.A.
Yes, Jack, I gave it back, the ring I could not own
Now come, my friend, I'll take your hand and lead you home


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