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Door Of No Return

This song is by Steel Pulse and appears on the album African Holocaust (2004).

I've returned through the door of no return
On Goree Island
I've returned through the door of no return
On Goree Island

Oh I remember I once dressed as a king
Decked in fine robes and everything
The blood that's in my veins is pure royalty
I ruled many kingdoms and ruled many dynasties
Then all of a sudden I was in a state of shock
Caught and thrown on the auction block
Just like Jesus I was flogged and mocked
Now human cargo yes they said I wasn't coming back

I was that prisoner who was fighting to be free
Free from my enemies who came and capture me
That was the years of brutality
Cannot be wiped away so easily
Although they have removed the chains
They try so hard to wash my brain
Want I to bow my head in shame
But when I think of the Motherland
I hear the spirits call my name

Lets light the torch let Babylon burn yah!

I'n I' survive yeah heh!
Gory Goree, gory Goree gory Goree
Brand new story
Gory Goree, gory Goree
Got the power and the glory
On Goree Island

A Goree Island in a Senegal

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