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This song is by Stealers Wheel and appears on the album Ferguslie Park (1973).


We were sitting in a car, looking out at all the stars,
Well I had to talk to you, I had to get through to you.
Well we talked all through the night, 'cause we knew the time was right,
Well we thought we'd reached the end but we're going round again.

Wheelin', dealin', stealin', wheelin'...

Well the very next day, we were standing on the stage,
It was in the open air, there were lots of people there,
In the middle of a song, everything was going wrong,
Well we all forgot to change, everyone was feeling strange.

Wheelin', dealin', stealin', wheelin'...

(Repeat and fade out)

Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan: Their songs, voices, guitars, pianos, mandolins and kazoos - and featuring their organs
Peter Robinson: Piano, Electric Piano, Hammond Organ, Pipe Organ, Synthesizer and Chimes
Gary Taylor: Electric Bass and Mini-Moog
Joe Jammer: Electric Guitar
Andrew Steele: Drums, Tambourines, Congas, Triangle, Chimes, Maracas, Wood Blocks, Cowbell, Claves and Jawbones
Bernie Holland: Electric Guitar
Chris Neale: Harmonica
Corky Hale: Harp
Chris Mercer: Tenor Sax
Steve Gregory: Tenor Sax
Mike Stoller: Electric Harpsichord
Strings arranged by Richard Hewson
Horns arranged by Mike Stoller

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