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Yeastcake Jones

This song is by Stan Rogers and appears on the album For the Family (1983).

When the Joneses first were married
In the days before the war
Times were good and things were half the price they are today
His missus ran to meet him
When she heard him at the door
And this is what the neighbors heard them say

I've been so very lonesome
All the time you were away
With just the cat to talk to and I have so much to say
Then she would call him darling one
And he would murmur "Hun"
While she coyly held her hand out for the mun

But this did not continue long
For when the baby came
Suddenly poor Jones was left entirely in the cold
And walking the Linoleum
Soon got him pretty tame
He did exactly just as he was told

He felt so very lonesome
Pacing up and down the floor
And wished he wasn't married and a bachelor once more
But when she called him "Daddy"
He would proudly answer "Mum"
And hand across the cherished weekly sum

In ones and twos they came along
And things were getting tight
For now you see he has to feed a family of eight
They keep him busy all day long
And wakeful half the night
To keep the monthly payments up to date

Yet we feel we must admire him
For the way he struggles through
He's such a happy fellow and is seldom ever blue
And the neighbors call him "Yeastcake"
Though his proper name is Joe
Just because he works so hard to raise the dough

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