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Watching the Apples Grow

This song is by Stan Rogers and appears on the album Fogarty's Cove (1976).

[C] It's early up, Ontario [Am] farm, [C] chicken crow for [Am] day
I [F] wish I grew An-[C]-napolis apples up above Fundy's [Am] Bay
[F] Oh it [C] seems so [G] far a-[C]-way

[C] On the ridge above Acadia's [Am] town to the [C] valley down be-[Am]-low
The [F] evening shadow [C] falls upon the family listening to the radi-[Am]-o
[F] And [C] watching the [G] apples [C] grow

[F] Down on the farm, [C] back among the family,
[F] Away from Ontari-[C]-o
[F] Hear the ladies [C] singing to their men, dancing it heel and [Am] toe
[F] And [C] watching the [G] apples [C] grow

Ontario, y'know I've seen a place I'd rather be
Your scummy lakes and the City of Toronto don't do a damn thing for me
I'd rather live by the sea.

I've watched the V's of geese go by, the foxfoot in the snow
I've climbed the ridge of Gaspereaux Mt., looking to the valley below
And watching the apples grow.

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