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This song is by Stan Rogers and appears on the album From Coffee House to Concert Hall (1999).

There used to be, a Pharisee
Cynical and wise, telling rich ungodly lies
Of humanity
But in the market place was seated
A cripple with a lyre, I looked at him and said
"I've been rich but so unhappy
What set's your soul on fire?"

He said "Look upon me brother, I am a man with piece of mind
I know I never was much good at nothing
But the words I wrought and rhyme
But I've a good woman to feed me, and friends to share it too
Evenings we sit around and sing together
It can be the same for you"

Just hold on, to young friends you made of old
And please too, the one who keeps us whole
Keep a warm fire for all your friends
Who come in from the cold
Love them all as brothers
You don't have to know their names
For you it might be different
But for us it always stays the same

Tonight the smoke is rising, from around the room
And judging from the warmth and smells from the kitchen
There'll be supper ready soon
And our table's set for twenty
Room for more if they should come
And later on we'll pass around the wine for our pleasure
And sing until the morning comes

(Chorus:Repeat x2)

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