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Man With Blue Dolphin

This song is by Stan Rogers and appears on the album From Fresh Water (1984).

It was just like him. He had to pick
A boat gone from dowdy to derelict
In half a dozen years
Of searching for an owner
She may have left her heart in the harbour mud,
But she really caught his at the flood;
And he wonders how she knew
That she was waiting for a loner.

Blue Dolphin, built by the Rhuland men,
She's lying on the bottom again
With only him to care
That Bluenose had a sister.
He lost the house and he sold the car.
His wife walked out; so he hit the bars
And hit up every friend
To raise the Blue Dolphin

And... even afloat she's a hole in the water where his money goes.
Every dollar goes
And it's driving him crazy.
He pounds his fists white on the dock in the night
And cries, "I'm gonna win!"
And licks the blood away.
And he's gonna raise the Dolphin.

Blue Dolphin's lying like a wounded whale.
She's hungry for a scrap of a sail
To get her underway
Back to salt water.
Now there's a man lying spent in the winter sun.
He wonders what the hell he has done
And who would ever pay
To save his schooner daughter.


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