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Down the Road

This song is by Stan Rogers and appears on the album From Coffee House to Concert Hall (1999).

Sun is rising high, burning into the day
I will say goodbye, I'll be going away
Brush away my doubts, what tomorrow will hold
Feeling fine for now, going down the road

To a city to sing, about the trees and the wind
'Bout the hills in spring, and the rivers that bend
The rocky deep pass, and the poppies and ponies
Running through the grass, up and down the road

In the dark they sit and they holler for more
White smoke in a wisp, from here to the door
Their admission they paid, for the stories they're told
Of a clear new day, hold me down on the road

So heavy rain at my back, lazy meadows ahead
In my book I keep track, of the promises said

For my songs in a town, that tomorrow will hold
Feelin' better for now, facin' down the road


Written by:

Mary Mccaslin

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