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Young and in Love (1979)

Stacy Lattisaw - Young And In Love

Young and in Love

  1. When You're Young and in Love (Ballad Version)
  2. Love Is Here Beside Us
  3. Rock with Me
  4. Three Wishes
  5. Spinning Top
  6. Dedicated to the One I Love
  7. Downtown
  8. When You're Young and in Love (Disco Version)

Let Me Be Your Angel (1980)

Stacy Lattisaw - Let Me Be Your Angel

Let Me Be Your Angel

  1. Jump to the Beat
  2. Dynamite!
  3. You Don't Love Me Anymore
  4. Dreaming
  5. Let Me Be Your Angel
  6. Don't You Want to Feel It (for Yourself)
  7. You Know I Like It
  8. My Love

With You (1981)

Stacy Lattisaw - With You

With You

  1. Feel My Love Tonight
  2. Screamin' Off the Top
  3. It Was So Easy
  4. Baby I Love You
  5. Love on a Two-Way Street
  6. With You
  7. Young Girl
  8. Spotlight
  9. You Take Me to Heaven

Sneakin' Out (1982)

Stacy Lattisaw - Sneakin' Out

Sneakin' Out

  1. Sneakin' Out
  2. Guys Like You (Give Love a Bad Name)
  3. Memories
  4. Tonight I'm Gonna Make You Mine
  5. Hey There Lonely Boy
  6. Don't Throw It All Away
  7. Attack of the Name Game
  8. I'm Down for You
  9. I Could Love You So Divine

Sixteen (1983)

Stacy Lattisaw - Sixteen


  1. 16
  2. Black Pumps And Pink Lipstick
  3. I've Loved You Somewhere Before
  4. Million Dollar Babe
  5. What's So Hot 'Bout Bad Boys (featuring Kathy Sledge)
  6. Johey!
  7. The Ways of Love
  8. Miracles

Perfect Combination (1984) (with Johnny Gill)

Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill - Perfect Combination

Perfect Combination

  1. Block Party
  2. Fun 'N' Games
  3. Falling In Love Again
  4. 50/50 Love
  5. Perfect Combination
  6. Heartbreak Look
  7. Baby It's You
  8. Come Out Of The Shadows

I'm Not The Same Girl (1985)

Stacy Lattisaw - I'm Not The Same Girl

I'm Not The Same Girl

  1. Can't Stop Thinking About You
  2. Coming Alive
  3. Now We're Starting Over Again
  4. He's Just Not You
  5. I'm Not The Same Girl
  6. Toughen Up
  7. Together
  8. I Thought It Took A Little Time

Take Me All The Way (1986)

Stacy Lattisaw - Take Me All The Way

Take Me All The Way

  1. Jump Into My Life
  2. The Hard Way
  3. Take Me All The Way
  4. A Little Bit Of Heaven
  5. Longshot
  6. Nail It To The Wall
  7. Love Me Like The First Time
  8. You Ain't Leavin'
  9. Over The Top
  10. One More Night

Personal Attention (1988)

Stacy Lattisaw - Personal Attention

Personal Attention

  1. Personal Attention
  2. Love Town
  3. Let Me Take You Down
  4. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (with Howard Hewett)
  5. He's Got A Hold On Me
  6. Find Another Lover
  7. Changes
  8. Every Drop Of Your Love
  9. Call Me
  10. Electronic Eyes

What You Need (1989)

Stacy Lattisaw - What You Need

What You Need

  1. What You Need
  2. Dance For You
  3. You Touched The Woman In Me
  4. R U Man Enuff
  5. Guilty (Lock Me Up)
  6. Falling (In Love Again)
  7. I Don't Have The Heart
  8. Where Do We Go From Here (with Johnny Gill)
  9. Tender Love
  10. That's The Reason Why I Love

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