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This song is by Stackridge and appears on the album Stackridge (1971).

Careering along in my creosote car
From Kebeeble to Kenn I didn't get very far
The sky turned black and a dark cloud grew
The monster Slark came in to view

I pleaded with Slark to pass me by
"I've done nothing wrong, I don't want to die"
He scooped me up in his huge grey claws
And bore me away without any cause

We soared many miles over mountain and stream
A cold grey mist woke me up from my dream
The sun fought snow in a winning duel
I found us standing by a silver pool

The monster heaved a great belching sigh
A flash of lightening shot towards the sky
White birds flew from the turmoiled scene
And out stepped a lady like an ancient queen

She floated towards the golden sand
Smiled a smile then took my hand
She led me away to the bottom of the lake
The last magic steps I was ever to take.

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