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Percy The Penguin

This song is by Stackridge and appears on the album Stackridge (1971).

Percy the Penguin had cucumber wings
"Sadly" he cried, "they won't do anything"
With endless devotion he fearlessly tried
To glide through the oceans and swim through the skies.

Off went our hero to Polo the Bear
To seek his advice on the weight of the air
"The substance is void, its quintessence is bright."
The wise bear's compassion turned darkness to light

Winter's cold legions made snow fall in rivers
Percy, so tearful, could not feign contentment
Mournful he watched as the seagulls flew past
"Why was I born so useless?" Percy would muse
Here in this Vale of Heartbreak penguin's can't choose.

Then as the sun from its slumbers returned
The icelands were blessed with the song of the birds
But one little creature lay still on the shore
For Percy had perished his heart froze to stone
He died all alone. Sweet Percy could never have flown

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