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This song is by Stacie Orrico and appears on the album Beautiful Awakening (2006).

I've always been a strong girl
My heart has a mother too
All people say
'Stacie, you shoulda known girl'
But my heart just wouldn't leave it alone

He was everything I should have wanted
Even daddy really thought so too
But my heart just wasn't havin' it
After all its pains it led me back to you


I have a heart like a child
And my mind's like its mother
Tries to tell it what's right
But my heart just won't bother
It keeps kickin' and screamin'
Plugs its ears it's not listening
When it sees what it wants
My heart throws a tantrum

My heart thinks it gets to be the boss of me
It leads me places I shouldn't go
No, no no no no no
When I follow, there's always tragedy
I try to keep my ground but it's like I'm hollow

I've been tryin' to led you lead me
All the way down oh
Show me things that
My mind just
Can not, can't see well
And it was wonderful, wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, lovely night
You showed me this passionate, and terrifying love

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