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Just Another Bad Song (About A Girl)

This song is by Stabilo.

A perfect maths lesson
The teacher's too boring
He's boring me
But what does it matter
I love her
Who I'm talking about?It's a very good question
But it is needless
Then I know who her is
She knows who I'm meaning
Only you don't know
I can say you
She's more interesting
Than every sinus
Than every triangle
She's so sweet
She's so beutiful
She isn't my girl
I'm not writing a poem
I'm not writing a letter
I'm digitalizing my mind
I've got blood on my arm
'Cause I played with julies knife
Oh no
I'm not talking about julie
I'm talking about her
I'm thinking too much
But not about triangles
I'm only thinking of her
The teacher did notice
What I'm doing here
But it's all the same to me
If she would read this
Then she would say
I'm a bit too crazy
But it isn't spinning
I would say it's love
I don't know who does understand
Even me don't understand
While I'm doing what I want
I think of her
Now she's looking me
She's got the brightest eyes
That's clear
But in general I can say
My work's going to be bad
But I'm loving her!

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