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You're The One

This song is by Squad Five-O and appears on the album Fight The System! (1998).

I've got a picture of you that I carry in my wallet.You were two years old and full of innocence.Now the picture is old, worn, torn and tattered.But your smile is the same as I've always remembered it.So beautiful, so innocent.The same look in your eyes as there has always been.Gazing off into the distance.With the same look that staring at me now, staring at me now.You're the one, you see right through me.You're the one, past all I've done.You're the one, into the real me.You're the one, same now I knew it all along.Now love arrives like a shot in the dark.And years go by like the seconds on the clock.Eighteen years have come and gone so fast.Like the sands that are slipping through the hour glass. How can I say what words can't say.A million songs could not explain.The single point that I'm trying to make.Two become one, a bond that will never break.In sickness and in health.For richer or for poorer.We'll face this world together.And all the trails before us.Your hand in mine. You're the one. Same now I knew it all along.

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