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The Tie That Binds

This song is by Squad Five-O and appears on the album Fight The System! (1998).

Let's take the time to look around.All the things in life and what we really are about.In desperate measures and desperate times.What sees you through is who's by your side.And in the end, when it all comes down.Who are your friends, who's still hangin' around.What makes your life complete is what you sow and reap.And the bond of God with your friends you've found.Few things in life that I have truly found.Worth sacrifice worth laying my life down.My best friend died for me, and I would die for him.And I'd die for you my friend.That friendship build by God above us.And unity through His Spirit that dwells inside us.There's just one body, one tie that binds us.And they will have tear it down.Pressing forward, you're hand in mine.Our hand in His, withstand the test of time.And through it all one thing I've learned.A hand extended is soon returned.Living in a world where values seem to change.Like the channels on TV life becomes a talk show.They'll bend us and we break.The can take away our lives.But they will never break the tie that binds.

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