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My God My Life

This song is by Squad Five-O and appears on the album Fight The System! (1998).

A million things in this man's world.That his life can revolve around.A million things that'll fill him up.Only to throw him further down.I've seen the ways of man.His best laid plains often go astray.Not knowing how much time is left until his final day.I watch him wander around.Searching for meaning where none can be found.He wanted a purpose to life.But on purpose refuses the life.But I won't trade the truth for a lie.Or live by a false set of rules.I'll look to God for what is right.And fight the ways of this world.'Cause when it all comes down to it.I'll leave this world to the one who brought me into it.What power in this world gives you hope in the days to come.What strength can you derive when it's out of our control.When the rivers all run dry and every path is a dead end road.The truth of the matter comes to light.The truth will shatter the mold.

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