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Sparks Brothers (1932-1935) (1989)

Sparks Brothers - Sparks Brothers (1932-1935)

Sparks Brothers (1932-1935)

  1. Louisiana Bound (as Pinetop and Lindberg)
  2. "4-11-44" (as Pinetop and Lindberg)
  3. East Chicago Blues (as Pinetop and Lindberg)
  4. My Man Blues by Tecumseh McDowell
  5. So Called Friend Blues by Tecumseh McDowell
  6. 61 Highway
  7. Down On The Levee
  8. Chicago's Too Much For Me
  9. Friendless Man by Charlie McFadden
  10. Times Are So Tight by Charlie McFadden
  11. I.C. Train Blues by Flyin' Lindburg (Milton "Lindberg" Sparks)
  12. No Good Woman Blues by Flyin' Lindburg (Milton "Lindberg" Sparks)
  13. Tell Her About Me by Pinetop
  14. Every Day I Have The Blues by Pinetop
  15. Got The Blues About My Baby by Pinetop
  16. Workhouse Blues by Pinetop
  17. Erie Train Blues
  18. Ina Blues
  19. Grinder Blues
  20. I Wake Up In The Morning

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