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Hold On (Change Is Comin')

This song is by Sounds Of Blackness and appears on the album Time for Healing (1997).

Yesterday, a man stepped to me, said, how can you smile when your world is crumbling down, I said, heres my secret when I wanna cry, I take a look around and I see that I'm getting by, and I hold on...
Hold on, change is coming, hold on, don't ya worry about a thang, hold on, you can make it, hold on everything will be all right...
Some people like to worry, some people like to hide, some people like to run away from the pain inside, now dats yo business
Do whatever you wanna do, but if it don't work out heres what you ought to do... hold on

When the troubles of life, weigh ya down, jus lift ya head up, ya, ya, yeah
When the love you seek, is hard to find,
Don't give up just be strong, keep the faith and hold on...

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