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This song is by Soul Position.

When I'm alone in my home
Sometimes I cover my face
Then walk around in circles at a slow pace
It's my attempt to erase
The feeling that I'm standing in place
At my 9 to 5 I teach computers to be clever
So they can replace you
And do the job better
Never say never
Corporate America's out to save cheddar
Computer programin' ain't about creation
It ain't about video games or playstations
It ain't about makin' new jobs or innovation
It's about automation, and permanent vacations
Just the other day
My boss fired some cat
That worked a thousand miles away
There wasn't nothing I could say
It was sad to see, but I was glad it wasn't me
15 years of experience, dependable
1 merger, 1 meeting, expendable
I know it seems unbelievable
They used to kiss your ass
But now they don't need you

You ever thought about when you'll be outta here?
Nice job, nice car, still outta here
Middle management downsized and outta here
Some shit I ain't tryna here
Fuckajob! For real!

The best time in my career was at the start
I was workin' extra hours, pourin' out my whole heart
Now it's hard for me to care
When I know I'm just a resource on somebody's chart
Staring at a corporate ladder I can't climb
Contributing to milestones
And bullshit baselines
10 hours a day wasting time
Tryna cut fat from my company's waist line
I want y'all to listen
They spend 50K just to save 50 million
They hire me to cut labor and divisions
Less for you, less for your children

You ever thought about when you'll be outta here?
Nice job, nice car, still outta here
Middle management downsized and outta here
That's some shit I ain't tryna here
Fuckajob! For real!
Fuckajob! For real!

Like this
I've seen a lot of people come and go
Seen a lot of people sit around complain about dough
Seen people get hired and get a new car braggin'
Money got tight then I seen 'em brown baggin'
Seen people hired for jobs I wouldn't touch
While I've been denied for job I really want
I've seen cats get promoted and demoted like chumps
Lose confidence and resign the next month
I've seen people _______ 'cause they got bad reviews
Walk into your cube and start interrogating you
20 questions, arguing, bitchin'
Mad about the money you make in your position
I've seen women with kids stay in one spot
I've seen women without kids rise to the top
I've seen 'em cuddle and buddy up with managers
Then seen the same women move up the ladder
I've seen women stand still when they work twice as hard
While men work half as hard and get twice as far

For real!
Fuck that job!
Some bullshit anyway
Tired of this shit
Workin' for these mother fuckers
Fuck them
Tired of this shit
5 days a week
Dedicated and shit
Get out my face
Why? WHY?

"Did this change you? This close up involvement with the judicial system, with these character, uh, seeing what they're going through and trying to capture their lives?"
"Absolutely, I mean, you know, you see, you see clips on the news um about what's going on in the inner city or what's going on with people who are disenfranchised and, you know. But when you get up close to people's lives that are really have so many obstacles against them it's a very emotional experience. And certainly it puts things in your own life very much in perspective."

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