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The Utah Trail

This song is by Sons of the Pioneers.

You ask me where I'm going so early in the dawn
I'm just a traveler roving just a roaming on
I've looked this old world over many times have I searched in vain
For a spot that looks like heaven to me And I long to be again

I'm going to hide away out beside that Utah Trail
Moonlight as bright as day far out on that Utah Trail
There's where I'll settle down in peace where all is still
In a little hut just built for two tucked away in the heart of the hill

There beneath the skies so blue in the golden summer time
Out where all friend are true and all nature is in rhyme
Someone is waiting with a love that never fails
Waiting patiently just to welcome me far out on that Utah Trail

The crimson sky of autumn, The fragrant breath of spring
Will linger on forever fondest memories bring
Where as a boy I wandered to the hills and swimming holes
Watched at eventide the setting sun turn the lakes deep blue to gold

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