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Crow Jane, Crow Jane, babe, hold your head so high
You remember, babe, that you gotta lay down an' die
I just stopped here, baby, to cast my eyes up in wind (?)
Till the window breaks, honey, you know I'm up here an' gone again

I done told you, baby, and I ain't gon' tell you no mo'
If I tell you 'gain, I might grab my forty-fo'

And I will snap my pistol, baby, in your low-down face
Some here lonesome graveyard be your restin' place

Crow Jane, Crow Jane, honey, what make you hold your head so high, baby?
You realize, honey, you gotta lay down and die

I walked and I walked till my feet got soakin' wet
I ain't found Crow Jane an' I ain't quit walkin' yet

Crow Jane, Crow Jane, baby, don't hold your head so high
I done tol' you, baby, you gotta lay down and die

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