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Compilation album by Sonny Terry.
Disc One
  1. Bye Bye Baby Blues
  2. Mistreater, You're Going to Be Sorry
  3. Mean and No Good Woman
  4. Pistol Slapper Blues
  5. Stop Jivin' Me Mama
  6. Train Whistle Blues
  7. New Love Blues
  8. I'm a Stranger Here
  9. I Want Some of Your Pie (with Blind Boy Fuller)
  10. I Don't Care How Long
  11. Blues and Worried Man
  12. Harmonica and Washboard Breakdown
  13. Harmonica Blues
  14. Somebody's Been Talkin'
  15. Harmonica Stomp
  16. Twelve Gates to the City
  17. You Got to Have Your Dollar
  18. Don't Want No Skinny Woman
Disc Two
  1. Blowing the Blues
  2. Bus Ride Blues
  3. Precious Lord
  4. Lonesome Train
  5. Shake Down Blues
  6. Sweet Woman
  7. Fox Chase
  8. Whoopin' the Blues
  9. Leavin' Blues
  10. Riff and Harmonica Jump
  11. All Alone Blues
  12. Harmonica Bag
  13. Screamin' and Cryin' Blues
  14. Beer Garden Blues
  15. Worried Man Blues
  16. Custard Pie Blues
  17. Early Morning Blues
  18. Crow Jane Blues
  19. Hot Headed Woman
  20. Airplane Blues

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