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On The Fingers Of One Hand

This song is by Sonny James and appears on the album True Love's A Blessing (1966).

On the fingers of one hand on the fingers of one hand
Life can all be counted on the fingers of one hand

Count your little finger on the day you born
See the fingernail it's protection from the thorn
Protection from the thorn of life you choosed you as you grow
The nail is a guardian until you're a child no more
On the fingers of one hand...

Count your second finger as you come of age
Right and wrong is clearer when you reach this page
And when you meet a girl you love accordin' to life's plan
The day you age you count the middle finger of your hand
On the fingers of one hand...

When the Lord has blessed you with a tiny air
Count the final finger say a thankful prayer
Last of all you're countin' on the day your life is done
From birth to death is not in vain you live on through your son
On the fingers of one...

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