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What's Gettin' Wrong With You

This song is by Sonny Boy Williamson I and appears on the album Complete Recordings In Chronological Order: Vol 4 (4 April 1941 To 2 July 1945) (1991).

Yeah, the day I met her
Long, old lonesome day
Why don't you hear me talkin'?
Pretty mama, listen to what I'm sayin'

We-ell, that day I found you
A long old lonesome day
Well, an' it seem like tomorrow
I'll be the same old way

Well, tell me baby
What's gettin' wrong wit'ch you?
Why don't you hear me, pretty mama
Listen to what I'm sayin', bay-by?

Tell me baby
Baby, what's gettin' wrong wit'ch you, now?
Well, ya don't treat me nothin'
Baby, like you used to do

(You got it John, take it an' keep it!)

Now, an remember babe
I kneeled down on your flo'?
Why don't you hear me
Or listen to what I'm sayin'?

Yee-eah, remember baby
When I kneeled down on the floor, now?
A-now but if you forgive me this time
I won't never do that no mo'

Now, but I'm goin' downtown
See the chief police
Why don't ya hear me talkin'
Or listen to what I'm sayin'?

Yee-eay, goin' downtown
A-see the chief police
Now because these women 'round here
A-won't let me see no peace.

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