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  1. Drink On Little Girl
  2. Mattie Mae Blues
  3. I'm Gonna Catch You Soon
  4. Million Year Blues
  5. Shady Grove
  6. Sloppy Drunk Blues
  7. She Was A Dreamer
  8. You Got To Step Back
  9. Ground Hog Blues
  10. Black Panter
  11. Broken Heart Blues
  12. She Don't Love Me That Way
  13. My Black Name
  14. I Have Got To Go
  15. Love Me, Baby
  16. What's Gettin' Wrong With You
  17. Blues That Made Me Drunk
  18. Come On Baby And Take A Walk
  19. Miss Stella Brown Blues
  20. Desperado Woman Blues
  21. Win The War Blues
  22. Check Up On My Baby Blues
  23. G. M. & O. Blues
  24. We Got To Win
  25. Sonny Boy's Jump
  26. Elevator Woman

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