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Well, I ack'd a sweet mama
Just to let me a-be her kid
She said, 'I might get boogered, Sonny
An you couldn't a-keep it hidden'

Well, looked at me an she a'gain to smile
She said, 'Now, I thought I could use you for my a-man a while
Lord, if you just don't let my, Herman catch ya 'ere!
Now, an if ya just don't let my, Herman catch you here'

Well, some said it was degrees
Some said it wadn't, nothin' but disease
But whatev'r it is
A-slow achin's killin' people, a-by-n degree

I know that this slow-achin' something
Murdering people by degrees
You know it's a soberin' thought
Killin' you by degree

Well, I went upstairs
To pack my, a-leavin' trunk
An I ain't never, a-drunk no whiskey
Know the blues made me a-sloppy drunk

But I ain't never drunk no whiskey
But that old, blue-ooos made me drunk
I ain't never drunk no whiskey
Blue-ooos that made me drunk

Well, I got somethin' to tell ya, baby
I want you to keep it, a-to yourself
I don't want you even, a-tell Mr. So an So
He doesn't wanna know nobody else

But I don't want you to tell any, baby
Ple-eease tell nobody else
I don't want you even warnin' yo' baby
Tell nobody else.

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