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We're Better Than Boston

This song is by Sonny.

When you fell asleep to me leaving
I hope you understand that
I meant it in my best interest.
I was just trying to
Keep myself ahead of the game,
Every other time I gave in
And now the bending has to stop. It has to stop cause...

"I Can Reach Much Further Than My Toes Now"

You seem to be standing straight up,
But from this point of view
Everything looks straight to me.
And just because its dark,
And just because its dark
Doesn't mean I can't see you rolling your eyes at me.
It's as plain as day.
Can't you see?

And I know what's happening here:
I'm on my back and your kicking me,
All I have is this helpless plea.

And I know what's happening here:
But, I'll shout out to save it all.

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