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Compilation by various artists.
  1. I'm Working On a Building by The Carter Family
  2. Something Got a Hold of Me by The Carter Family
  3. On That Old Gospel Ship by The Monroe Brothers
  4. What Would You Give in Exchange by The Monroe Brothers
  5. Cryin' Holy Unto My Lord by Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Boys
  6. Only One Step More by The Blue Sky Boys
  7. Where the Soul of Man Never Dies by The Blue Sky Boys
  8. The Heavenly Train by Bill Carlisle
  9. Tramp on the Street by Grady And Hazel Cole
  10. I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray by The Dixon Brothers
  11. Always Lift Him up and Never Knock Him Down by Blind Alfred Reed
  12. There'll Be No Distiction Here by Blind Alfred Reed & Orville Reed
  13. Mansions in the Sky by Wade Mainer And The Sons Of The Mountaineers
  14. Farther Along by Wade Mainer And The Sons Of The Mountaineers
  15. Just Over in the Glory Land by J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers
  16. Just One Way to the Pearly Gates by Uncle Dave Macon

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