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This Is The Life For Me

This song is by Something For Kate and appears on the album Desert Lights (2006) and on the live album Live At The Corner (2008).

Domestic bliss and trapdoors
Where have I been
A step from this falling elevator
This speeding train
Crawling down the freeway
Just to start
To start it all over again
Like tired eyes
Come crashing down...

To fall, fall on my feet, fall on my feet again
Set myself free, set myself free and then
Make me believe, make me believe again
That this is the life for me

We stand in line
But secretly
We're crashing into the desert

Our burning eyes can barely
Pass off the light
Oh we go so quietly
Like silent blinding
Flashes of lightening

Striking down, down at our feet, down at our feet again
Set ourselves free, setting us free and then
Make us believe, make us believe again
That this is the life for you and me... Oh

Whoa oh oh

Tonight I will dream, tonight I will dream
That this is the life for me...

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