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It Came Upon One Night

This song is by Solitude Aeturnus and appears on the Demo album And Justice for All... (1988) and on the album Beyond The Crimson Horizon (1992).

It came upon one night
When Nemesis besieged
Lightning streaked across the sky
And thunderclouds did scream
It came upon one night
On land the seas had turned
Typhoons swept with certain death
Air began to burn
Apocalypse is born
Nightmares will begin
It came upon one night so bittersweet the end
The world was cloaked in darkness
And winter brought the rain
A poisoned soul was pondering
This mortal fool's to blame
Defense became the joke of the day
Rivalry the nations now regret
Politicians threw our lives away
The day that dust and ice the Earth beset
Into battle cried the poor
As famine took its toll
The world had turned so desolate
That nothing much would grow
Apocalypse was born
Nightmares had begun
Nature claimed a victory
As neither side had won
The world was all asunder
When sorrow took a leave
Hatred fled when Christ returned to Earth as King ...

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